UV Protection

When our motorhome was about 3 years old, we started to notice that the gel-coat surface had lost most of it's shine,and some areas had become noticeably chalky. So, we took it to Radical Exposure, a company to specialized in marine, aviation and motorhome UV protection.


A week later, all the chalky gel-coat had be buffed off, and the whole surface of the motorhome looked like new again. Even the scratches in the habitation windows had been buffed out.


However, it had cost twice as much, because of the extra time needed for buffing out the chalky gel-coat, and if we had left it much longer, the gel-coat would have had to be replaced in the most exposed areas.


The lesson for us was not to wait. If you have invested in a motorhome or caravan, especially if it has been manufactured in the UK or Europe, you need to plan on protecting your very significant asset from New Zealand's harsh UV exposure.


There are a number of products available, some of which you can apply yourself, as long as you have access to the entire roof area of your motorhome or caravan. We used SealX, but you can also use ToughGuard, or GardX, which is also available in New Zealand.


Corrosion Protection

New Zealand is surrounded by salt water, and motor caravanners spend a lot of time parked along our beautiful coastline. However, that can spell trouble if your vehicle chassis and engine support members are not properly protected from our harsh environment. While our imported Autotrail motorhome came up with an all clear, it's worth getting your motorhome checked out just to be sure. Expensive repair bills are almost guaranteed if you get this wrong.


CorrosionX seems to be the most used solution for this.