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Lee Breakwater Parking Area

star rating of 2.5

by Chris Gaelic

Ocean View Parade, New Plymouth, Taranaki

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Lat-Long: -39.05828, 174.05116

Bach on Breakwater restaurant entrance

Bach on Breakwater restaurant entrance


Clean public toilets

Clean public toilets


The beginning of the Coastal Walkway

The beginning of the Coastal Walkway


No Camping sign at the entrance


The Lee Breakwater parking area is a very large public carpark right on the waters edge, and at the beginning of the Coastal Walkway. There is a very good restaurant, and clean toilets.


And, in spite of the prominent No Camping sign at the entrance, self-contained vans are able to park overnight during the off-season between April and the end of October, when it can become very busy with boaties needing the available parking.


The local council is one of the most motorhome friendly, and allows overnight parking in most of their public reserves and parking areas. Use common sense if you want to stay overnight here, especially in the weekends or on public holidays.


There is another nice parking area close by in the Kawaroa Park, which also overlooks the harbour and is more sheltered.


There is plenty of room, but it is quite exposed, and very windy while we were there. We stayed for one night and then moved on to another, more sheltered location in the Hobson Road carpark.


The restaurant served up a delicious meal, which we enjoyed with some good friends living in New Plymouth.


The Coastal Walkway stretches for almost 10 km before finishing at Hickford Park, This is an excellent cycling activity for motor caravanners travelling wih bicyles. There are some nice parks and coastal scenery to explore along the way.


We've overnighted here on two occassions, the second was on a glorious sunny day when we were meeting up with some good friends. You'll see the difference in the pictures, and especially the stunning view of Mt Taranaki.


Mt Taranaki across the harbour




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09:05 PM 20-Jun-16 by Jude from Hawke's Bay Public
Definitely no camping here now. It is a pay and display parking area and very clear no camping message on new signage