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Cafe 287 River Parking

star rating of 3

by Chris Gaelic

287 State Highway 2, North Clyde, Wairoa, Hawkes Bay

Phone: 06-838 6601

rvexplorer id: 18804

Lat-Long: -39.04005, 177.38528

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There are two parking areas along the Wairoa river bank just opposite Cafe 287. This a is good location to stop for a break with plenty of room for large vans.


We stopped in the parking area briefly late in the afternnon. The cafe was just closing so we didn't get a chance to have a look, but the parking area was good value.


It's separated from the road by a grass reserve, and the road is not really busy. You]'re overlooking the river through the trees.


There is no sign about overnight parking, but we see no reason why this wouldn't be a good location if you're self-contained. It would be worth checking at the cafe before you do.


The Cafe




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