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Blueberry Country

star rating of 3.5

by Chris Gaelic

397 Jary Rd, Ohaupo , Waikato

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Lat-Long: -37.94493, 175.35356

The cafe counter


Inside the cafe


Public toilets


Shuping with the spoils


Blueberry Country offers pick your own blueberries, and a large cafe featuring blueberry delicacies.


It was a hot summer afternoon when we noticed the Blueberry Country sign for picking your own blueberries. I have blueberries most mornings with my breakfast, and Shuping is always keen to do a 'pick your own', so we took the 4km deutour along Jary Rd, and found a place to park on the road front.


It was surprisingly busy on a Monday afternoon, filled with people in the cafe, or disappearing back to their cars carrying empty buckets ready for picking.


We got a couple of buckets and then drove for another kilometre or so to the picking fields.


Blueberries make for easy picking, growing on small bushes. We picked about 5 kg, which cost less that half of what we pay in the supermarket. 


The plan was to take them back home and cook up a really nice blueberry pie - but they all been frozen, and the pie still hasn't happened!


They were really nice for my breakfast though...


The cafe has clean outside toilets, so I asked at the counter if it was ok for self-contained motor caravanners to park overnight.


They are very happy to have motorhome visitors come to the cafe and pick blueberries, but they don't allow overnight parking.


Blueberry Country Cafe




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