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Manuka Gorge

star rating of 2.5

by Chris Gaelic

Manuka Gorge Scenic Reserve, SH8, Manuka Gorge, Milton, Otago

Phone: 0800 801 350

rvexplorer id: 20165

Lat-Long: -46.06701, 169.8251

Entrance to the track to the Mt Stuart tunnel

Entrance to the track to the Mt Stuart tunnel

Tunnel closed sign


There is a small parking area in Manuka Gorge used for people wanting to explore the Mt Stuart tunnel (also known as Glenore Tunnel). There's a large gravel area that's also available for freedom camping in self-contained vans.


It's approximately 2.5kms north of Mt Stuart. You can stay for a maximum of 3 nights in any 4 week period.


However, when we visited, the track to the tunnel was closed because of some safety issue. It may well be open now.


Interestingly, while there was no mobile coverage for Spark or Vodafone, we have a Netspeed router that access's Vodafones farm network, that we got excellent reception.


Mt Stuart Tunnel sign


Parking area




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