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Beaumont Bridge

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by Chris Gaelic

Rongahere Rd, Beaumont, Lawrence, Otago

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Lat-Long: -45.81868, 169.52573

Motorhome parking

Motorhome parking

Washed out gravel driveway

Washed out gravel driveway

Picnic table


There's a small parking area along the river beside the Beaumont Bridge where self-contained motor caravanners can park overnight.


Entrance to parking area is right at the corner down a short gravel track with a small turning circle at the end. While you do have access to the river, the gravel track was not in good repair when we visited, and the site may well be liable to flooding. 


If there were other motorhomes parking there if would be difficult to turn around.

View of the Beaumont Bridge


Access to the river


Access to the parking area

Access to the parking area




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