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Mangamuka Gorge - Summit Carpark

star rating of 1.5

by Chris Gaelic

State Highway 1, Mangamuka, Northland

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Lat-Long: -35.18976, 173.45575

Memorial to Henry Havelock Thompson

Memorial to Henry Havelock Thompson



The public carpark at the summit of Mangamuka Gorge provide somewhere to take a break from the long drive up. 


For motor caravanners, this might be for a coffee or lunch break. There isn't a lot to see, except to know that you've got to the top, and it'll be easier going down. 


There is a memorial to Henry Havelock Thompson, the engineer responsible for the survey and construction of road through the george, which was first opened to traffic in 1924.


There was no sign forbidding overnight parking, but we wouldn't recommend it ourselves as it is isolated, but with a lot of passing traffic, and we wouldn't feel safe.


The parking area at the summit of the Mangamuka Gorge




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