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Anaura Bay Reserve - DOC

star rating of 3.5

by Chris Gaelic

888 Anaura Rd, Anaura Bay, Gisborne

Phone: 06 869 0460

rvexplorer id: 17949

Lat-Long: -38.23373, 178.30881

Self registration booth in the entrance

Self registration booth in the entrance


Camping sign


Water for cleaning portable toilets


Campsite parking


Warning about swimming



The DOC Campsite at Anaura Bay has a large, level, grass parking area with access to the beach. With no facilities, you have to be self-contained to stay there, or at least have your own portable toilet if coming out on a day trip in a car or small van..


Anaura Bay is one of the hidden gems around the East Cape. Beautiful sandy beach, without the driftwood that is found elsewhere around the Cape. 


The DOC campground is huge, but is not directly overlooking the beach as it sits behind a shelterbelt of trees. 


I was surprised to see a sign warning about polution in the lagoon, warning the swimming in that area is not usually safe. I can only imagine that this may be from the holiday homes a little further along the shoreline, or from farm run-off.


It's a pity, as it looks to be a pristine environment in every other respect.


Anaura Bay




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