Canterbury is one of the most diverse regions in New Zealand. Starting with the rugged Kaikoura Coast in the north, through Christchurch as our 'Garden City', the mountanous Southern Alps, and the farming communities in the south.


The Kaikoura Coast is a national treaure - not just because you can take a boat ride to see giant blue whales, but you can soak up the wild atmosphe of some of our most rugged beaches, and see seals close up in their natural environment. 


Christchurch is still shell-shocked from the two earthquakes, but is starting to recover - and the new Christchurch will have new parks and shopping centres that will once again draw people from all around the world. And Akaroa is still as stunningly beautiful as it ever was - a French provicial village right next to our most English city.


And then there is Aoraki Mt Cook and Lakes Pukaki and Tekapo. And the national parks.


There is still much that we haven't had time to see, but we're planning to come back to explore the mountain passes, and the Southern Alps just as soon as we can.